Value Self

The Wholota Wellness Company launches the   campaign! 

In working with local committees to reduce obesity, child abuse, domestic violence and drug abuse- we have found the majority of these behaviors stem from not valuing ones’ self.  As a society many of us are being misled to believe that we are not good enough. We perceive that we must fit into the mold to be valuable or we’re sold into buying products which do not truly improve our well being.

The goal of this campaign is to remind each individual how complex and beautifully made they are. Inspiring them to realize the opportunity they have to be and do whatever they wish to as long as they believe in themselves. Teaching individuals to invest time, money and energy into their mental, physical and spiritual health, will help reduce their likely hood to succumb to addictive or abusive personalities. It will also improve their quality of life reducing negative health consequences to themselves and our society.

We fully believe you can not give what you do not have.

We need to take care of self to effectively deliver the best day in and day out.

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